Nothing is permanent. Humans are constantly learning and changing. No matter what, we all go through moments in life that challenges our perspective and transforms us. Almost every single piece that I create is based on an inspiring story about what I’ve been through or of someone else’s journey. By sharing your experiences with me, you will have a chance of being the subject of one of my creations. This is a perfect way to inspire me to make something related to who you are and your personal story.


  • Do you have a touching moment in your life that changed the way you view things or see others?
  • Do you have a part of yourself that you always considered a burden and now you see it with a new light?
  • Did the experience of dealing with something painful change you in any way or transformed you?
  • Or maybe this story is about someone really close to you such as your child or someone you’re in a relationship with who influenced the way you view the world?


* There’s no financial commitment to submitting your story, therefore I cannot guarantee your story will be portrayed. If you want to hire me to make an unique painting for you (or someone you love), you can request one here instead: Commissions

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  • Not necessarily. The photo will be used as reference so I can see what the people in your story look like, the hair color, eyes, the hearing devices you use (if any) and any other detail that may be relevant to my painting. I make no promises to likelihood of anyone portrayed in these paintings. The final painting may look very different from the picture you send or very similar. I chose to have the right to respectfully express my work as I intend to. If you have a specific request for the art piece, you may want to consider requesting a commission instead.
  • It can be anything that you find interesting, really. My art is based on sharing each person’s uniqueness. I’m looking for stories that are honoring of who you are but at the same time, they can be relatable to others in some way.  Do you have some event in your life that you think was significant to you or someone in your life? By sharing it with me, I will be learning something special about you and it will help guide my ideas and imagination towards the pieces I will create.
  • You will be notified once the final artwork is ready and you will have 3 days to decide if you want to purchase it at a discounted rate and pay. There’s no obligation to purchase it! Once you make a decision, the final work and your story will be posted on my website, shops and social media handles. If you chose to purchase the original, the piece will be mailed to you after payment is made. If you decide not to purchase it, the original artwork will be available for anyone to purchase it at full price, including you and I won’t be able to guarantee the piece will be available for you if you change your mind after the three day period is expired.
  • I will have Professional Prints available on materials such as canvas, metal, acrylic and more on my Professional Online Art Store for you or anyone who is interested. I may also include it on products such as mugs, bags, t-shirts, etc. If you have any special requests, you may contact me at any time and I will do my best to accommodate.
  • I make no guarantees of which stories will be picked.
  • Because I will be randomly selecting each story throughout the year, I can’t give you a timeline, but you will be contacted once you are selected with a more specific idea of when you should expect your artwork to be published.
  • If I have already portrayed your story, you will not be selected. If you have submitted your story in the past, you will stay on the list unless you ask to be removed by emailing me at contact@priscilasoares.com. If haven’t been portrayed but submitted in the past and now you want to submit a different story, go ahead and re-submit. If your story is selected, I will be contacting you to clarify which story you want to share with the world.
  • Submitting a story here gives you no guarantee of it being portrayed. But if you do get selected, that means that you will have a chance to purchase the piece at a special discounted rate. A Commission, on the other hand, works more like a collaboration between you and me. We would be talking about the story you’d want me to portray, we would share ideas and I would show you my initial sketch before executing the painting. You would also get a chance to ask for touch ups at the end. You would be paying for my time and for the final size/material of your choice and I would be doing everything in my power to make sure you are totally satisfied with the result! With a Commission, I would also accept special requests such whether you’d want a watercolor, an acrylic painting or a sculpture. To learn more about commissions, click here.